Nasa invites public to get a boarding pass for space trips

Kumar Poudel

As countdown started for NASA’s Orion for its first test flight planned on Dec 4, 2014 NASA invites people to ride with their launch.

To fly in Orion people all around the world can now sign up submitting their name by visiting, the submission ends at Oct. 31, 2014.These names will be stored in a microchip which will be sent to space with Orion and also fly with NASA’s future exploration mission to space including mars. In social media these information’s are promoted in #Journey To Mars (Twitter).

According to the sources from NASA this launch will send Orion 3600 miles above the earth and it will return back to earth after travelling 15 times farther distance than International Space Station (ISS) at the speed near 20,000mph generating  temperature up to 4000 degree Fahrenheit before splashing down in Pacific Ocean.

This unmanned test mission is carried out for evaluation of the launch in high speed re-entry systems such as avionics, attitude control, parachutes and heat shields as NASA’s sources said. Further in future Orion will carry astronauts far into the solar system than ever before including to an asteroid and mars. Additional information about this mission can be found at

Flying the names with Orion, NASA wants people to be the part of their journey and success. Bon voyage! Orion